Upgrading a Solidoodle 2 Pro – Assembling an E3D v6 Hotend

My 2012 Solidoodle 2 Pro 3D printer’s original extruder got irreparably clogged, so I needed to replace the hotend. I decided to go with an E3D v6 1.75mm hotend (USA). It comes in parts, not assembled, so I had to put it together.

There is some excellent information out there already about how to do this. Follow their instructions.

E3D v6 hotend and thermistor:

assembled E3D v6 thermistor:

assembled E3D v6 hotend:


Additional Material


Upgrading a Solidoodle 2 Pro – Installing Lawsy’s MK5 Extruder Assembly with E3D v6 Hotend

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