Website Security with SSL

Got a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, acquired from Namecheap, issued by RapidSSL, installed on the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web server instance hosting Devil Music.

Follow the tutorial How to Configure an SSL Certificate for Apache on Amazon EC2 on splittingelectrons. Also consult the relevant RapidSSL Technical Support articles RapidSSL – Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and RapidSSL – Install SSL Certificate.

* Since the splittingelectrons blog has not been updated in 2 years, I’ve copied its contents into an HTML comment embedded in this post so it doesn’t get lost.

[UPDATE Monday, December 1, 2014]
Beginning next summer (2015), you should look into Let’s Encrypt as your *free* certificate authority!
See “Launching in 2015: A Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web” by Peter Eckersley on, November 18, 2014


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