Up and Running with AWS EC2 LAMP Instance

Got an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with an Amazon Linux Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance running (which you can connect to) with LAMP infrastructure configured to support a WordPress installation.

Based on positive past experiences, I had already decided to use AWS to host the Devil Music website in a virtual LAMP stack environment.

Following these tutorials:

I was able to get:

† Working in the Microsoft stack environment was good too, but it seemed overpowered and overcomplicated for the simple initial needs of the Devil Music book and web comic properties. Also, I knew that the author, Carly Orosz, was already familiar with the WordPress administration interface which meant that she would not have to spend time learning a new administration interface (custom, Orchard, etc.). Although WordPress.com could have been used to host just the web comic (e.g. using a customized ComicPress theme with the Comic Easel plugin) and a few one-off pages, I felt more comfortable having full control over the webserver, knowing I left myself room for whatever innovation or eccentricity I could muster in the future for this project.

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